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Sasha Bouquet by Farm Florist Singapore

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This classic has been responsible for so many smiles and you do not have to think much to understand why. A simple curation fit for any occasion!

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Baby's Breath

Surprise Bouquet

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Free Next Day Island-Wide Delivery

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Hand Bouquets


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Should any delivery arrive at least 60 minutes later than promised, we offer a full refund. For all unfulfilled orders (which never happens), we ensure a re-delivery at your recipients convenience.

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Cheap prices don’t mean our quality is compromised. We just do not believe in charging an exorbitant amount for you to make someones day. This way, you can make smiles on ANY day.

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Unlike most florists, we throw away anything that is deemed to us as unfresh. We do not hide it below the wrapper just to make up for the number of flower stalks promised!

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FARM Florist consists of 5 amazing florists with combined experience of at least 100 years.

When employed by others, they never got to carry out the designs that they wanted to try out. They were always restricted by the same old boring designs of their old company. It was a mysterious coincidence that all 5 of them did freelance work from home after office hours. They would not tire over working 14 to 16 hours a day so long as a fraction of that time was spent curating their own creations.

They became acquainted with one another when they hopped from job to job due to their closing down of their previous companies.


Being in the florist industry in Singapore for so long, another thing that prevented them full happiness was the fact that the high overheads of their previous companies resulted in customers having to pay exorbitant amounts for simple looking bouquets.

It struck them the most when they would see a teenager or a child decide not to buy anything at all because that would mean emptying their pockets.

These 5 florists knew that flowers in Singapore are not meant to be that expensive, contrary to the fact that we have a very high cost of living here.

The birth of FARM Florist would mean that there will be a bouquet for every individual and making someone happy does not mean having to skip 10 meals.


It was also hard to not notice that the gesture of giving a gift in the form of flowers has been dying off when a simple text message can be sent to wish someone ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Happy Anniversary’. This point, along with the fact that many florists in Singapore struggle with delivery fulfilment has motivated FARM Florist to provide Free Next Day Delivery throughout the whole of Singapore.


We are here to serve and we are here to be the best. We are a rapidly expanding team and we will stop at nothing to be number one. We see ourselves too as a social enterprise and we hope to document our welfare efforts with you soon.

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I really did like the flowers displayed on FARM Florist website but i know the exquisite taste of my girlfriend well enough. Thank you so much to the people at FARM for patiently working together with me to customise such an epic bouquet for her. She took a million pictures with it. When she’s happy, i’m happier. Once again, thanks!

Alexander / Teacher

To be honest, i bought the flowers because they were cheap. I did not expect anything spectacular. When i saw the bouquet i got for my graduating friend, i was really surprised. It was amazingly well done. FARM Florist is definitely going to be my number one choice whenever i need a flower bouquet with delivery.

Colin / Student

I HATE BUYING FLOWERS! But.. thanks FARM. Quick and easy ordering process with flowers ready for her instagram purposes. Getting flowers has always been a chore. You guys definitely get the job done. Hope she does not see this!

Brandon / Nurse